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Artist Fills Venerable French Museum With 80,000 Condoms

Irish artist Bryan McCormack's last work is Preservation is Life, an installation that permeates all six floors of the glassy, tunnel-like staircase at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Today Cool Hunting runs a synopsis of the exhibition, which involves 80,000 condoms each pulled over a cylindrical lightbulb. Daring and visually striking, sure, but the clear point is to raise AIDS awareness—the museum runs an annual fundraiser for the cause. The colors morph as one ascends, as does the frequency of the heartbeat audio streaming in the background—the heartbeat of an unborn baby at ground floor, McCormack's own heartbeat on the sixth—a touch that heightens "the concept of preservation as both safety and the act of staying alive."

· Preservation Is Life [Cool Hunting]