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Frank Lloyd Wright's Only Adobe House Hits the Market

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Legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright penned the plans for this adobe house, commissioned by newspaperman Lloyd Burlingham, in 1942, but didn't complete the structure by the time he passed away in 1959. A developer then swooped in and expanded the modest, 2,400-square-foot home into a 4,900-square-foot sprawler, under the direction of Wright apprentice Charles Montooth. Wright purists might scoff at the expansion and the addition of a swimming pool and underground garage, but there's no denying the house, which was finally completed in 1985, is a unique alternative to the usual New Mexico adobe. Just be prepared to pay for the starchitecture, the five-bed, four-bath main house on nine acres is listed for $4.75M.
· 1430 Hyde Park Road []
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