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Woodsy Views for a Glassy Contemporary in Suburban D.C.

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Photos: Nick Lehoux/David Jameson Architect

A wealthy suburb of Washington, D.C., Great Falls, Va. is better known for it's sprawling McMansions than its modernist masterpieces, but this glassy new construction in the woods is adding to the town's architectural street cred. Distinguished by stark white walls and huge expanses of glass, the sleek home was designed by architect David Jameson and won the 2011 Washington DC AIA Award of Excellence. Thanks to the broad swaths of glass, the modern house achieves a connection to nature that would evade one of NoVa's typical Italianate McMansions. Worthy of special note is the courtyard, which utilizes a frameless glass railing.
· Graticule House by David Jameson Architect [Contemporist]