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Watch a Guy Pedal a Bike to Make a Whole House Collapse

Hat tip to the blog Laughing Squid, which has recently featured the work of artist, sculptor, and messer-upper of everyday objects Michael Beitz. Beitz, who has a background in furniture design, has made chairs look like they're growing clouds, sofas look like they've been twisted and tied into a knot, and dining tables look like the St. Louis arch. Below, he makes the bones of a house collapse and rise up again simply by pedaling a bike. "I started to see these objects as expressions of social functions that could be altered to describe certain anxieties or tensions which occur on or around such objects," he's recently said in an interview with Don't Panic. Just watch, it's cool.
The Video:

· michael beitz & matt monroe_folding house with sound [YouTube via Laughing Squid]
· Michael Beitz [Don't Panic]