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Teddy Roosevelt's Trophy-Stuffed Home to Get $6.2M Reno

Photos: Seth Wenig/AP

Prolific hunter and former president Teddy Roosevelt lived out the last years of his life in a sprawling mansion on 83 acres in Oyster Bay, N.Y., on Long Island's Gold Coast. The 15-bedroom Queen Anne, now managed by the National Park Service, is jam-packed with memorabilia and hunting trophies. Or at least it was. Now the house is being emptied of its 8,000 books, countless hunting trophies, and more than four-dozen animal skin rugs. The Park Service is clearing the mansion to make way for a much-needed renovation aimed at upgrading "the electrical, heating, security and fire suppression systems," with structural work to include "a new roof, gutter and drainage system, foundation waterproofing, and restoration of 78 historic windows, doors, porches and siding." The cost to the American taxpayer? $6.2M.
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