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As Winter Looms, Some of Aspen's Best Homes are For Sale

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The tony mountain town of Aspen, Colo. has been a Shangri-La for hardcore skiers and rich folks alike since the '70s. Just take a look at flicks like Aspen Extreme and Dumb and Dumber for proof of the town's allure. Some sellers in Aspen are going to need all the exposure they can get to move some high-dollar estates: there's currently a glut of such properties in town. Maybe the impending winter will up the houses' desirability, but, until then, this one would do well to hang its hat on a tangential celebrity connection. The late folk crooner John Denver, a longtime Aspen resident, wrote a song about the town called "Starwood in Aspen" about his neighborhood, the very same neighborhood where this dramatic $8.5M mansion sits. In this town, that sum for five bedrooms and breathtaking views of the ski area could hardly be considered over-the-top.

? When we talk about Aspen as one of the country's most expensive towns, this is the sort of estate that makes it that way. Currently priced at $39.9M, this 18,000-square-foot estate was built with 100-year-old timber, and features frankly unnecessary amenities like three full kitchens, two libraries, and a dining room that can comfortably accommodate 30 people. Out back, there's a 60-foot infinity pool, access to cross country ski trails, and 300 acres of pastureland.

? For something more space station than log cabin, buyers should be prepared to shell out $25.85M for this ridge-top compound on two acres overlooking Aspen Mountain. The 11,300-square-foot main house boasts five bedrooms and five baths, while the 4,200-square-foot guest house offers an additional five bedrooms. Frameless glass extends the views from the balcony, while a Dolby Digital home theater cranks in the basement.

? Despite ski-in/ski-out access to Aspen Highlands ski resort, this 9,000-square-foot mountainside mansion is listed for $11M, less than half the price of the last place. Of course, the owner will have to make due with just seven bedrooms and seven baths. An outdoor fireplace and built-in stainless steel grill makes the highlight reel, though we don't know how useful the outdoor spaces are when buried under feet of snow.

? For something downsized in both square footage and price, check out this 5,200-square-foot four bedroom. It's not ski-in/ski-out, has no pool, but how does "media/game room with projection TV, billiards, wet bar, gas fireplaces...and elevator" sound. We say not bad considering the $5.2M price tag and the other grandiose, eight-figure estates on this list.

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