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Welcome, One and All, to Curbed's First-Ever Renters Week!

Kicking off right this second from the folks who normally bring you really expensive properties to buy: Curbed's first-ever Renters Week. In addition to your regularly scheduled programming, expect to see a steady infusion of extra renting-themed features (leases, landlords, vacation homes, Craigslist, international rental properties, outrageously expensive rental properties, Airbnb, etc.), a Rental of the Day every morning in addition to our normal House of the Day, power hours, roundups, and more. Toward the end of the week, we'll put some mighty gory-sounding Renters Horror Stories up to a public vote and award the best and brightest of them a month of free rent, jovially funded by Curbed.

Of course, the week will be better with your contributions, readers. Have a funny/awful/entertaining Craigslist listing or a story of life in a rented apartment? Send it to us. Contributions from landlords are also very much welcomed. And we're off!

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