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Five Rentals With Absurd, Amazing, Over-the-Top Amenities

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Conventional wisdom holds that the private baseball diamonds and über-swank rooftop pools are luxuries usually enjoyed by the down-payment set, but that's not to say there aren't ample rentals with incredible extras floating out there on the market. Take 175 Kent, a new development in the waterfront district of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Among the building's many, many amenities, our cousins over at Curbed NY found out, is a rooftop putting green aimed at those who want to practice their short game; after all, NYC is notorious for its lack of golf courses, miniature or otherwise. At the moment, the 113-unit building appears to be fully leased—from $2,076/month for a studio to $6,650/month for a three-bedroom—but isn't that one of the great joys of renting? Something's bound to open up there sooner or later.

? ? A trip down the East Coast lands us in mountainous Murphy, N.C., where there's a castle tucked behind a gated entry. From the blurry photos, the interiors of the two-bedroom, two-bathroom, 1,500-square foot home look rather old fashioned, but that shouldn't detract from the true icing on the cake: a hot tub that's located atop one of the turrets. The renterbabble explains in great detail what happens if vacationers try it out:
"Once you are totally relaxed and feeling really pampered, it's time to dry off with our thirsty cotton bath towels. Wrap yourself in the terrycloth bathrobes provided to our guests, and enter your suite through one of the three sets of French doors leading from the castle terrace. Turn on the stereo, light a few candles, and if it's cold outside, cuddle in front of the fireplace with that special someone, as you share a bottle of Champagne. From there, the evening can just get better." Additionally, "each guest receives a free compact disc on which we've recorded some of our favorite Celtic music to enjoy while you're here." If you're thinking the hot tub fun and the CD sounds priceless, it's not: this place is renting for $930/week or $4,000/month.

? On to Miami, here's the granddaddy icon of luxury real estate: the infinity pool. And to up the celebrity-lifestyle factor further, the pool so happens to be attached to a nine-bedroom, 6,500-square-foot modern on San Marino, one of the manmade Venetian Islands dotting Biscayne Bay. Inside the glassy pad—or "ideal bachelor pad," as the listing states—there are marble floors, a double-height living room, and nine bedrooms with floor-to-ceiling water views. The property is set on 100 feet of waterfront and is asking a hefty $45,000/month.

? Westward ho! Upon reaching the land of 90210 we find a place with "Interiors by Ralph Lauren emulating a Connecticut/Hamptons estate," according to the renterbabble. That means: post-and-beam ceilings, wainscoting, crown molding, wood-paneled cabinetry, and more all throughout the 10,000-square-foot, seven-bedroom spread. One thing that's more Beverly Hills than New England is the massive list of amenities, including the pool, spa, tennis court, game room, wet bar, powder room, and, of course, the two-lane "vintage-inspired" bowling alley. Then there's the price tag: $100,000/month.

? Lastly, there's this vacation castle in Hawaii, which is set on the Big Island and is asking $500 to $600/week. From the photos, there's not much of a sense of what the interiors or the grounds look like—apparently there are lots of outdoorsy things to do nearby—but the real zinger of an amenity here is the working drawbridge that runs over the "moat" pool. Need we say more?

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