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Here's a Pic of Deborah Needleman's Country House/Gardens

The November/December issue of Garden Design visits Deborah Needleman at her house in Garrison, N.Y., where the ex-Domino and current WSJ. Magazine editor has created "Country Italian" gardens and outdoor living spaces, replete with sweet autumn clematis, terra cotta pots filled with blooming plants, a pool bordered with pavers, indoor/outdoor fabrics, a Maddy Weinrib carpet, John Derian lamps, a screened-in hammock, and so on. The ideal garden, Needleman says, "puts you at ease. The principles are the same whether you’re outdoors or indoors—you want spaces that are inspiring, calming, and comfortable—nice places to hang out, eat, rest, and chat." As for what she wears while gardening: "In my head, I am wearing a pretty floral dress and belted cardigan and wellies. In truth, I work barefoot, no gloves, and usually in my bathing suit." Click over for more photos.

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