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A Classic Summer Rental in an Alternative to The Hamptons

Location: Tuxedo Park, N.Y.
Price: $10,000 per month (seasonal)
The Skinny: Just an hour from NYC when the traffic is flowing properly, Tuxedo Park offers a cheaper, less sandy alternative to the Hamptons out on Long Island. Centered around a series of picture-perfect lakes, Tuxedo has been a getaway for the wealthy for more than a century. Luckily, many of their houses remain, like this c. 1910 estate, known as Cannon Hill. Available for summer rental at $10,000 per month, the stucco spread boasts lake views, an indoor pool, and a Roaring '20s meets '70s Miami interior. Be forewarned, the gated community frowns on summer shares. That's too bad, because this eight-bedroom mansion—which was designed by the celebrated firm of Walker & Gillette—has plenty of space.
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