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Meet the Home That Was Built Around an Enormous Boulder

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Something's looking rocky—no, just kidding. All rock-and-a-hard-place jokes aside, this three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 3,640-square-foot Malibu house was built in 1980 around a rock formation in the Santa Monica Mountains. That means: craggy limestone boulders feature prominently outside and inside, making the simple act of walking to the shower a most rustic, unusual pursuit. The circular post-and-beam structure, with wood floors and ceilings and walls of glass, affords 360-degree views of both the surrounding mountains and the ocean, and it's been listed for $2.595M. Click through the gallery above, then head to for more.
· Malibu View Home With a Rock in the Middle []
· 300 Loma Metisse Road, Malibu, Calif. []