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Here, Now, Some Far Flung Rentals for the Adventurous

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The Galápagos Islands lie 525 nautical miles west off the Ecuadorian coast and are known to most travelers as a unique and delicate ecosystem that's threatened by human intrusion. Well apparently the environmental angle hasn't stopped people from building vacation homes on the islands, including this luxe villa known as La Iguana. With five bedrooms and seven baths, this Spanish-style tiled-roofed structure has plenty of space for wannabe naturalists and boasts such creature comforts as air-conditioning in every bedroom, wireless internet service, two docks, two large living rooms, and a swimming pool. Plus, to ensure that the little Darwins don't have to lift a finger, a maid, cook, and caretaker will assist to renters every need. All that luxury sounds great, but prospective tourists will have to inquire to learn the price, indicating that none of this comes cheap.

? Another priceless remote villa has hit the rental market recently: this white beachfront cottage in Bora Bora. Not only lacking a price, but any description, it might take a leap of faith to book this place. Still, the photos show the sort of ridiculously picturesque landscape that the South Pacific is famous for, even if the interiors leave us underwealmed.

? Located not quite so far from major urban centers, this tiny Indian island getaway sits just a few feet off the mainland. Described by Conde Nast Traveller as "impossibly romantic," the island plays host to elephant polo matches on the beach and harkens back to the days of European imperialism. In fact, it was one of Napoleon's generals, Count de Mauny-Talvande, who first built on Taprobane Island in the 1930s. Nightly stays in the villa run $1000 to $2200 per night depending on the season.

? For something a little cooler, it's time to head to Greenland, where no two towns are connected by roads, and villagers must travel between them by boat or plane. This small rental cottage in Narsaq lies at the foot of, and we can't make this up, Savaasat Qaqqaat. Open during both the mild summers and bitterly cold winters, the cottage can be booked for $570 per week.

? Want to stay in the USA while still heading to a remote rental? Check out this Fairbanks, Alaska number. The cabin has that real woodsy vibe thanks to logs inside and out, but there is a drawback: this isn't a vacation rental. That's right, if you don't like life in the heart of Alaska after the first month, you'll be stuck paying $1,700 per month for 11 more.

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