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Five Rentals with a Little Hollywood History to Boast About

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For a hardcore fan of the James Bond series, there could hardly be a better vacation destination than the Goldeneye resort in St. Mary, Jamaica. The centerpiece of this luxe 22-room resort is Ian Fleming's own private villa, which retains the author's original writing desk, carved from Jamaican red bulletwood. As evidence of the impact this place had on Fleming's writing and the ensuing films, a short boat ride takes you to Laughing Waters, the beach where the famous white-bikini scenes from Dr. No were shot. For a little extra entertainment-related gossip, the current owner is Island Records entrepreneur Chris Blackwell, who is charging $7,500 per night in high season for the five-bedroom villa.

? Like Fleming, action star Bruce Willis favors the Caribbean when it comes time for a respite, but instead of having his villa turned into a resort, he merely purchased a villa at his favorite resort, the private island in the Turks and Caicos known as Parrot Cay. When Willis and his family aren't enjoying the five-bedroom property known simply as "The Residence," the resort rents it out for $13,310 per night.

? The Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger also takes his leave on a Caribbean island, the A-list haven of Mustique. The Brit should feel right at home on the isle, which was developed by a Englishman and inhabited by Princess Margaret for much of her life, but, when he's not occupying his Japanese-style compound, it rents for $2,285 per night. That's a veritable deal next to the Willis villa and this one includes the services of a maid and a cook.

? Back in the ol' U.S.A., Palm Springs, Calif. is the vacation getaway of choice for Hollywood stars, or at least it was back in the midcentury, when America's favorite crooner, Frank Sinatra, set himself up in Twin Palms, this modern villa. Old Blue Eyes is long gone now, but the current owners are renting the property out to give modern celeb stalkers a taste of his lifestyle. The Sinatra experience starts at $2,600 per night.

? Elsewhere in Palm Springs, another house is resting its rental record on a more tenuous connection, but one that's sure to draw a fair share of vacationers. This four-bedroom Spanish-style estate is said to have been the frequent desert getaway for beloved star Marilyn Monroe. So how much to share Sandacre with the ghost of the blonde bombshell? A relatively modest $1,800 per night.

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