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Rent the Parlor Floor of Boston's Historic Burrage House

Location: Boston, Mass.
Price: $17,500 per month
The Skinny: Set on the magnificent parlor floor of one of Boston's most impressive Gilded Age mansions, this four-bedroom apartment also happens to lie just a block off of Newbury Street in Boston's desirable Back Bay neighborhood. If this doesn't sound like a recipe for low prices, that's because it's not. The 4,400-square-foot duplex is asking $17,500 per month. Deep-pocketed renters would be hard pressed to find a place with such an glut of historic detail. Wood-paneling in the living room gives way to gilt ceilings and crystal chandeliers, dramatic gothic vaults line the ceilings in the master bedroom, while the kitchen is set in a glassy conservatory. Some of the more contemporary details detract from the appeal, like the shoddy tile and cabinetry in the aforementioned kitchen, but they're but minor scrapes in the patina.
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