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Genius Inventor of the Scrunchie Lists Florida Estate For Sale

The scrunchie, that jazzy hair accessory once mocked in an episode of Sex and the City and currently worn by the United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, owes its existence to a woman named Rommy Revson, who patented the elastic circle of wonder in 1994. Turns out Revson has just put her Palm Beach, Fla., home on the market for $4.399M, according to Looks like her invention did her well: the four-bedroom Mediterranean-style estate measures 4,234 square feet and boasts tons of Spanish tile and a screened 30-foot pool, patio, and outdoor kitchen out back. The property has gone to bat a few times since 2010 with no luck selling; hopefully Revson will do better this time around. Until she does, though, we're confident she'll be just fine resting on her scrunchie laurels.

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