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Converted Churches Turn Holy Places into Luxe Living Spaces

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Over the years, we've found a particular affinity for a certain type of residential conversion, the church-turned-condo. New York City is a metropolis with a time-honored tradition of taking churches, turning them into popular nightclubs, then taking the drug-addled nightclub and making an awkward mall out of it, then finally tearing out the mall and putting in an International House of Pancakes. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the city is also home to churches that have simply been converted into apartments. This one, in a building now known as Novare, has two bedrooms, a glassed-in courtyard, and a modern design that clashes with the few remaining 1860s details. Celebs and models have flocked to the hallowed ground, with Jude Law apparently getting in a spat with some NYU students while renting here. Just be prepare to cough up $2.3M to live like a pious A-lister.

? For more of the holy feel, this converted Chicago house of god might be just the ticket. The lofty main floor retains the original mezzanine, hardwood floors, and altar. A year ago, this place was asking $749K; now that price is down to $700K without any takers. Maybe the open loft feel isn't what buyers are looking for in a classic 4,000-square-foot spread.

? Out in Colorado, this cute little chapel, revamped for residential use, runs just $475K. Built in 1923, the 3,500-square-foot house has five beds and three baths squeezed under that peaked roof. The expansion has some decidedly uninspired finishes, but the original section of the house has original details to spare.

? Not all former churches are so thrifty, as a trip back to Chicago will demonstrate. This 1896 Greek Orthodox church, converted into a 10,100-square-foot mansion, is currently asking $3M. That's down from a high of $4.2M in 2008, but not low enough to induce a sale. The six-bed, four-bath house doesn't have much in the way of historic detail, but the interiors do have a very unique look about them.

? Not ready to commit to living in a house of god? Good thing they pop up on Craigslist too. This awesome Chicago loft, formerly the auditorium of a church, measures 2,700 square feet and comes with huge original arched windows. The rent, considering the floor area and the 14-foot ceilings, is a quite reasonable $1,675 per month. Of course, you'll have to wait for it to hit Craigslist again, just keep praying the current tenants want to move out.

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