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An Apartment in a Mansion Built for Ulysses S. Grant's Son

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Location: Washington, D.C.
Price: $1,295,000
The Skinny: Fronting directly on Logan Square, the D.C. mansion that includes this $1.3M apartment was originally built for Ulysses S. Grant, Jr. Son of the Civil War general and U.S. president, Grant was a lawyer and entrepreneur who achieved some measure of wealth before being suckered by a business partner who bankrupted Grant and his illustrious father. Today the grand mansion has been split up into flats, with this two-bedroom unit lying on the top floor. Distinguished by a combination of original detail and updated features, the 1,500-square-foot unit boasts a wood-burning fireplace, 20 windows, and a brand-new, grill-equipped private roof deck.
· 1 Logan Circle [Remax]