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Maps of Must-See Public Art Around the Curbed Universe

Tipsters, readers, friends, and family of Curbed often ask the questions like: What spectacular shows of creativity in my city are a real must-see? Where can I find interesting, innovative art without having to pay grossly expensive museum fees? Where should I take visiting friends and families to see something cool, controversial, or distinctly [insert city name here]? And so on. Thus, we offer the Public Art Curbed Map, which highlights public works of art around the Curbed universe. Here now, city by city:

New York · Boston · Washington DC · Atlanta · Chicago · Detroit · Los Angeles · Seattle (Oh, and the guys over in San Francisco are figuring out how to accurately chart, say, art in the grassy fields of Golden Gate Park—but of course San Francisco public art exists beyond the map—so theirs is on deck for next week. Stay tuned.)