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Quaint Mountain Town to Get Two Slopeside Monstrosities

The tiny little mountain town of Alta, Utah (population: 370) is nestled at the head of Little Cottonwood Canyon and surrounded on all sides by steep slopes that get an average of 46 feet of snow per year. That's a recipe for avalanche disaster, so many of the buildings in town, from the chapel to the hotels to private homes, are designed to withstand the brunt of an avalanche. Trouble is, the stringent building regulations don't leave much leeway for inventive design, so when the team at EcoSteel was charged with producing two identical homes for a location on the flank of the ski area, they came up with this boxy design. It's not exactly popular among the locals, but at least they're constructed in an eco-friendly, prefabricated fashion.
· Ski More Ranch [EcoSteel]