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Mercurial NFL Star Terrell Owens Set to Take Loss on Dallas Pad

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NFL receiver Terrell Owens has been bouncing around the league for years. The six-time Pro Bowl selection managed to impress, then piss off, the management or coaching staffs of four teams over the last six years. That left him with a far-flung and pricey real estate portfolio, including a huge mansion in Atlanta and a Trump-ed up condo in Miami. Now Owens is rumored to be high in the running for a signing by the New England Patriots, and that means he's looking to divest himself of some properties in Dallas's swank Azure tower. His neighbors are none to happy about the sale, as he's cutting and running from a three-bedroom, 4.5-bath unit on the 20th floor for the bargain basement price of $1.6M. That's down from a $2.25M original asking price.
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