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A Tour of Red-Sole Ruler Christian Louboutin's Desert Oasis

Photos by Ivan Terestchenko/Elle Decor

Elle Decor has just dropped its special International Issue online, with it a profile of Christian Louboutin's cool, calm, collected Moroccan retreat not far from his chic houseboat on the Nile. The shoe designer—best known for the bright-red soles that he tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to trademark—converted a brick courtyard building that was once used as a workshop into a residence replete with decorative items and furnishings from his travels, not to mention a rooftop belvedere overlooking the desert. In the realm of stiletto barons, the place is decidedly low key—Louboutin comes here to do yoga, after all—especially when compared to the London townhouse of Tamara Mellon, the recently departed chief creative officer of Louboutin competitor Jimmy Choo, who insisted upon installing acrylic shoe-display boxes in her living room. Just one question, though: how is one expected to walk around on that terra cotta tiling in those crazypants eight-inch-high pumps?

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