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Snow/Skateboarder Shaun White to Launch Home Collection

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Today in strange celebrity crossovers, Olympic gold medalist Shaun White will launch a line of bedding, lighting, and home accessories "inspired by skating, snowboarding, travel, music and art" that will be sold at Target starting later this month. You might think that a 25-year-old skate/snowboarder knows jack about home decor, but oh, how wrong you'd be! In an interview in today's New York Times, White elaborates a bit on his creative process: "You go into Target and you realize that there’s that whole other half of the store. I had no idea! Man, it’s not just video games? Spatula set? Yes! I got crock pots, I had panini makers and all these things. I was losing my mind." Then: "So, at this point, I knew what it took to line a home with things. I thought it was cool to do this, because I remember what it was like having my space, doing whatever I wanted, and it meant so much to me." Included in the lineup will be things such as "hairy blue monster" piggy banks, a lamp with a skateboard-print shade, and reversible bedspreads: "You don’t have to go get a whole brand-new set of sheets. I really dug that. Changeability, and then the dirty factor, for sure."

· Shaun White on Design and Skater Culture [NYT]