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Old World Parisian Rental with a Flair for Modern Design

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Set within the walls of the magnificent 19th-century Maison Opera, built during the reign of Napoleon III, this magnificent Parisian flat measures more than 9,100 square feet over four levels. Designed in the height of Beaux-Arts style by Charles Garnier, the architect of the Opéra de Paris, the apartment is today occupied by furnishings from a very different era. The wildly ornate "bones" of the space are met with much more modern furnishings, like a pair of Yves Klein coffee tables, a glass-topped dining table, and the art of Andy Warhol. This clash of civilizations was always going to cost a pretty penny—after all, it's located in the "golden triangle" and has no fewer than seven bedrooms and seven baths—but $52,000 per month is still one mighty big number.
· Apartment, Paris, right bank [Christies via Homes of the Rich]