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Creations from Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin Apprentices

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The late, legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright was undoubtedly one of the design geniuses of his generation. His former studio now serves as a school for architects, but, unfortunately, the products don't seem up to Wright's standards. Some have been modified beyond recognition—that's the problem with not being an actual Wright, but most reflect a lacking attention to detail. This one, designed by Taliesin apprentice Wesley Peters, has fared better than most. The exterior is certainly dramatic, but the interiors are a sometimes depressing mix of original and added furnishings. Certainly not the shrine that you find in most FLW houses and far from the "12 on a 10 scale" claimed in the brokerbabble. Still, listed for $2M, this is the most expensive house in Black Earth, Wis. by a long way.

? Located an hour north of NYC in Amawalk, N.Y., this peaked-roof, 1956 creation from Wright apprentice Edgar Tafel is asking $579K. Not bad for the commutable location, but far less than one might expect from a masterpiece. Perhaps that's because this, frankly, isn't one. The three-bedroom, three-bath manse sits on five acres.

? The listing photos are short on interior shots, but from the outside, this Phoenix, Ariz. home by Blaine Drake is looking a little rough around the edges. Technically, it's not on the market, but it's listed on Zillow's "Make Me Move" for $725K. The low-slung, two-bedroom desert home is one of 150 designed by Drake.

? San Luis Obispo, Calif. sure is a long way from Wisconsin, but that didn't keep an unnamed Taliesin architect from building a Prarie-inspired home there. The exterior bears traces of Wright's style, but the interiors are run-of-the-mill McMansion fare. Valley views help to salvage this four-bed, four-bath spread, which is on the market for $1.07M.

? In Charlotte, N.C., this 1970 house by Lawrence Allen Bernstein shows more promise than most on this list. Listed for $768K, the space-age pad features 20-foot walls of glass and a suspended staircase, but the bubble windows keep it stuck in a bit of a time warp.

· 4212 Hwy Jj [Zillow]
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