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Come Tour a House That's Constructed From Old Car Parts

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In the realm of wacky automobile architecture, there are car-shaped houses and then there's the more elegant variety: houses actually made from cars. The latter describes a pair of Berkeley, Calif.-based architects, who built their home from a mind-boggling number of used car parts—roofs and windows all hand-selected in junkyards, excavated, and cut. "I just have always liked cars, I wanted to look at a way of integrating that passion into my work as an architect," explains Hank Wanaselja, who used 104 car roofs, all laid out according to color, for the second-story siding. "I was inspired by fish scales and if you look at a fish there are these glints of different shades of grays on many fish." Amid other reclaimed materials such as poplar bark and salvaged redwood are glass windows taken from Dodge Minivans. Watch the terrific Fair Companies video after the jump.

The Video:

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