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Classic New England Colonial Stocked With a Yoga Studio

If it's not totally obvious from looking at the photos, according to the brokerbabble for this home in Fairfield, Conn., "the floor plan has been opened up," leaving the 2,700-square-foot interiors looking all the larger thanks to the lack of furnishings. The four-bedroom house, located in one of the town's "most sought after beach neighborhoods," was built in the late '70s and has 2.5 bathrooms, a backyard deck with access to the renovated kitchen, an in-ground pool, a tool shed, and what the listing text calls a "finished dance studio." Since "yoga studio" sounds way tonier, let's call it that; the property hit the market about a month ago for $899K.

· 42 East Paulding Street, Fairfield, Conn. [Zillow via Zillow Blog]