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This Gargantuan Ten-Million-Dollar Texan is So '80s it Hurts

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Houston listings have not been faring so well on the style front lately. Just last week, we turned up an overdone brick manse decorated by George Weinle, asking a little more than $2M for its array of pastels and grandiose chandeliers. Well that house pales in comparison to this feature-rich, style-poor mansion in Houston's Sweetwater suburb, listed for $9.8M. Designed by Mark Bufalini, the "contemporary" mansion is full of amenities, like a mock movie theater, a private disco, a giant gym, and towering ceilings throughout. Unfortunately, all of this is styled in a dated '80s look that leaves the kitchen with splotchy blue cabinets, a gnarled postmodern sculpture dangling the atrium, a weird "piano bar," and plenty of neon. There's too much here for words, so luckily there are plenty of listing photos.
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