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Inside Muriel Brandolini's Ever-So-Cool Manhattan Apartment

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Photos: Jeffrey Hirsch/NYSD House

One thinks of a lot of things when the name Muriel Brandolini—darling of daring decor—is floated: colorful stair risers, bright, exotic fabrics, and so on. Her own home, as one learns from today's New York Social Diary House column, features much more neutral tones but loads of touches no one else on Earth would be able to pull off. Case in point: library walls covered in custom gold silk taffeta, a deep-teal modern bed frame in one room and an ornate 17th-century wood-and-brass Portuguese bed frame in another, upholstered ceilings, and dining room walls "covered in white corduroy from Holland and Sherry. They were hand-beaded in Vietnam by Trinh Ly Quynh Kim with a quotation from Ernest Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea." Inspired? Get in line: unfortunately the auction where hundreds of the decorator's furnishings went on the block has passed.
· Muriel Brandolini [NYSD House]