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Palm Beach's Most Expensive Manse Costs a Whopping $74M

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First photo: Robert Stevens/WSJ

Location: Palm Beach, Fla.
Price: $74,000,000
The Skinny: You know you're dealing with a stratospherically expensive house when the listing price gets a $10M chop and the place is still the priciest mansion in one of the country's richest towns, Palm Beach, Fla. Situated not far from the famous Breakers and Worth Avenue, the $74M mega-manse measures more than 27,000 square feet, features nine bedrooms and an astonishing 17 bathrooms, and sits on 2.5 waterfront acres. The impeccably kept home has never been lived in, which explains little oddities like the flimsy-looking bathroom lighting, but at this rate they'll have to find a billionaire looking to show off to sell. There's plenty to show off, too, if you're into reproduction French chateaus.
· 1220 South Ocean Blvd [Corcoran]
· 1220 South Ocean Boulevard [Forbes]