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America's First Pink Hello Kitty House Currently Underway

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On this week's special season-recap show of The Millionaire Matchmaker, Haute PR CEO Robin Kassner—who originally sought the matchmaking talents of Patti Stanger to find a "Jewish Matthew McConaughey" and whom Stanger, to much outrage, labeled a "size 24 Jessica Simpson"—came on to hash out some grievances and tell America what she's been up to lately. Which is this: "I'm actually building a Hello Kitty house in the Hamptons; it's going to be the first Hello Kitty house in America. It's pink on the outside, it's very fabulous; I just ordered these Hello Kitty refrigerators and dishwashers from Italy." Stanger's retort: "Who's going to live in a pink world that's a rugged guy?"

Anyway, no word yet where exactly the property will perch, in all its bubblegum-pink glory, or where it is in terms of conception/construction, but it's not hard to imagine it looking something like the Hello Kitty house that currently exists in Shanghai, China. Hey, it could be worse: "I'd actually like to get another house in nautical theme, because [my pomeranian] Bruiser looks really cute dressed up like a sailor," Kassner added.

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