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Watch a Guy Do a Bunch of Weird Stuff in a European Ikea

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The idea of "hacking" Ikea—basically, making the stuff sold there look like other, possibly better, stuff—has evolved beyond the blog Ikea Hackers and into an actual in-store exhibition. Artist Taeyoon Choi plopped himself down in the Malmö, Sweden, branch—the largest in Europe—and basically enacted a bunch of strange actions on things he found. He made cinnamon buns from the cafeteria spin around. He assembled LACK side tables into a towering sculpture. He turned a kitchen vignette into his personal lab, complete with tools and gears and things that move. The point, according to The Creators Project, was to "create six minimalist sound sculptures which interact with the shoppers and surroundings." Says Choi:
"These six sets of improvisational performance, or ‘the action,’ does nothing much to change the soundscape of the shop or challenge the Capitalist system or to have any means of direct action toward the Machine. However, it is the uselessness and its evident impossibility that grants power as an artistic resistance.” All righty then. Please watch the video below.

The Video:

Hacking IKEA Trailer #2 from Taeyoon Choi on Vimeo.

· Artist "Hacks" the Largest Ikea Store in Europe [Creators Project via Gizmodo]