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The Tiny Tropical Island Where It's Christmas Every Day

In most parts of the world, Christmas comes just once a year, but what if you were to live on the tiny and remote Australian territory of Christmas Island? Surely, the island is perennially festooned with holiday lights and the isle's only radio station is fixated on classic carols! Well, no, and the tourists' jokes probably don't go over very well, but if your goal is to spend some time in the sun this holiday season, Christmas Island offers up some affordable tropical getaways, even if they are halfway around the world. This classically-styled Malay plantation home, with three bedrooms and two baths, sits on a spacious half-acre waterfront lot dotted with palm trees and is asking $700K.

? Just next door to the first place, this baby blue, stilted house is set further back from the water, but still enjoys the views through a tunnel of foliage. Asking $725K, this one lies on a similar 0.5 acre lot, making the $25K uptick in price all the more arbitrary. In fact, while this one also has three bedrooms, it has just one bathroom.

? The inland acreage, as one might expect, is far cheaper, but one homeowner has devised a solution for hanging onto the water views: a rooftop deck. Crafted from corrugated metal and wood, the deck is partially covered. Currently leased to the government, this three-bed investment property is asking $399K.

? For those in search of an island business with which to sustain themselves in this corner of paradise, look no further than the Mango Tree Lodge. Sure, you have to attract people from far off lands, but, if you don't, there's plenty of space for your own guests. The 11-room property is located on the edge of the rainforest and in close proximity to the ocean. The hotel is listed as price upon request.

? Just down the road from the Mango Tree Lodge, this overgrown house is another pricing mystery. The compound consists of four single-bed cottages on a 0.6-acre lot, set right up against the road and with no water frontage. It's a wonder, then, that this is one of the most expensive homes on the island, with an asking price of $950K. That's no kind of Christmas present at all!

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