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Medieval Castle From the '80s Found in Most Unlikely Place

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Built in 1985 by a couple who "did it as a hobby and a fantasy," Castle Rogue's Manor is a 15,000-square-foot medieval-style castle nestled on 17 acres in Eureka Springs, Ark. According to a 2007 piece in the Arkansas Gazette, Smith Treuer and Debbie Sederstorm believed the bluff "begged for a castle" and used woods from the surrounding Ozarks to make it happen. The 12-bedroom, 13-bathroom mansion, with princely features such as guard towers, an imposing great hall, post-and-beam construction, and a six-floor "gatekeeper's cottage" just down the road, and has been used as an event space until now—the place has been listed for $1.8M. Which means, of course, you can be king or queen of something for a mere $120/square foot.

· Castle Rogue’s Manor in Eureka Springs, Arkansas for $1.8 Million []
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