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The Day in Curbed Awards Around the Curbed Universe

As this year's Curbed Awards are being rattled off on Curbed National, so too are they popping up as shining beacons of compelling year-end roundups on all the city sites. Here now, today's regional Curbed Awards of interest:

· The year in standout buildings. [Curbed Chicago]
· The year in loving thy neighbor. [Curbed Hamptons]
· The most expensive San Francisco home of the year. [Curbed SF]
· The best celebrity apartments of the year. [Curbed NY]
· Best announcement of a game-changing mixed-used project. [Curbed Atlanta]
· Top 10 Boston real estate stories this year. [Curbed Boston]
· The year in shitshows, shockers, and more. [Curbed NY]
· Sizing up Motor City by the numbers. [Curbed Detroit]