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The Downright Best (and Worst) Celebrity Sales of 2011

America's celebrities, who always seem to have an easier time selling their properties, have had a particularly good year in 2011. While average homeowners have struggled to move their average properties, the rich and famous have been trading pricey homes amongst themselves. The end of the year brought perhaps the biggest star power to the table, as Brad Pitt sold his Malibu manse (above) to the property-obsessed Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi for $12M. But, this holiday season, let's not forget those poor celebrities like the financially-troubled Nic Cage, who sold his Rhode Island folly for $6.2M, or a whopping $9.5M less than he paid for the property back in 2007. Click through the gallery above for our favorite celebrity sales of 2011.
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