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June: Johnny Cash; Leona Helmsley; Toni Morrison; More!

Because you can't move forward without looking back, here now is The Year That Was, wherein Curbed briefly and by no means exhaustively recaps important things that happened in the realms of real estate, interior design and decor, architecture, and shelter media. Month by month, here it goes: sayonara, 2011!

· Johnny Cash's daughter makes a plea to save dad's boyhood home.
· The Times publishes an epic story about online shelter magazines.
· President Obama announces that he once wanted to be an architect.
· DIY Network announces Million Dollar Contractor with Stephen Fanuka.

· The Georgia resort designed by Kenny Rogers hit the market.
· Carmelo Anthony unloads his Colorado spread for a loss.
· Spelling mansion sells to a 22-year-old buyer for way less than ask.
· St. Regis Hotel in NYC opens a Tiffany-themed suite.
· China unveils a sneakily cloned Austrian mountain town.
· Martha Stewart for Kmart patio tables get into trouble for exploding.
· Leona Helmsley's former manse hits the market once again.
· Man sees Jesus in a rocking chair and tries to profit from it.
· Bed, Bath & Beyond announces a new home line by Diane Keaton.
· Sean "Diddy" Combs lists his New Jersey pad.
· Author Toni Morrison puts her Princeton house on the market.
· Jon Stewart blames Ikea for making America "Sweden's Mexico."
· A landlord sets a tenant on fire to punish him for being late on rent.
· releases grand homage to Apple's famed 1984 TV commercial.
· Just as quickly as they list on home, Katy Perry and Russell Brand buy another.