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April: Kate Middleton's Childhood Home; Robert Marc; More!

Because you can't move forward without looking back, here now is The Year That Was, wherein Curbed briefly and by no means exhaustively recaps important things that happened in the realms of real estate, interior design and decor, architecture, and shelter media. Month by month, here it goes: sayonara, 2011!

· Frank Lloyd Wright house to be moved from Jersey to the Hamptons.
· Kate Middleton's childhood home on the market for less than $750K.
· Ikea Australia announces a high chair for dogs.
· Someone films a video of life lived in a 90-square-foot NYC apartment.

· Sunglasses designer Robert Marc lists his Manhattan pad.
· Florida architect proves that man can, in fact, be an island.
· Jonathan Adler and others respond to royal wedding with product lines.
· Announced: Sandra Lee home collections for Kmart and Sears.
· Adzookie offers to pay people's mortgages in exchange for turning their houses into full-size billboards.
· The Jersey Shore beach house becomes available for rent.
· Kingdom Tower in Saudi Arabia announced; will be a mile high.
· Hearst and HGTV announce HGTV Magazine, released in fall.
· Donald Trump buys a vineyard in Charlottesville, Va.
· Reports circulate that Ikea's Virginia factory is acting like a sweatshop.
· World's first openly gay sofa hits Craigslist.
· Real Housewife Dina Manzo gets her own series on HGTV.
· The first issue of Trad Home, a combo of Lonny and Traditional Home, launches.
· Ron Paul gets Webby and tries to sell house over Facebook.
· Glenn Back sells his place in tony New Canaan, Conn.
· Great Gatsby mansion is beaten ceaselessly into the ground.
· Prince William and Kate's "starter home" is valued at $76M.
· Entire Italian village hits the market for less than $1M.
· Vanilla Ice's former oceanfront property hits the market.
· Anonymous philanthropist offers any city $300M for not hiring Frank Gehry.
· After decades of buyer's remorse, Huguette Clark lists estate.
· Hitler's resort of dreams to be turned into luxury apartments.