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Feuds: the Five Worst Landlord-Tenant Stories of the Year

The continuing economic crunch this year, combined with the usual craziness of at least a small percentage of the 300M people packed into our fifty states, has produced some spectacularly crazy tales of landlord-tenant grievances. We hesitate to call these "favorites", considering some are horrific acts of violence or instances of unadulterated racism, but they're certainly the most noteworthy. Plus, an old letter to Andy Warhol surfaced to add a little historical perspective. Kicking it off is an innocuous-looking London mansion that just so happened to be owned by a son of the late Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi. Back when Colonel Qaddafi was alive and abusing his people, his son Saif had the house on the market for $15,792 a week. It didn't take long for anti-Qaddafi protesters to bust down the door and start squatting in the place. Click through the gallery above for the run-down.
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