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Be Bold, Get It Sold! The Best Marketing Adventures of 2011

Creative marketing was required this year, as the market remained flooded with inventory and too few buyers to go around. Sadly, most real estate agents stuck to the boring old tactics, but thankfully for our purposes a few were thinking outside the box...way outside the box. Here are five of the best—as we're not the types to give everyone a trophy. At number one has to be the NSFW video produced by Australia-based NEO Properties to market a luxe beachfront duplex. Featuring a buff male model in the buff and a scantily clad female sleeping on the sofa, this innuendo-packed flick is certainly a change up from the usual boring video tour. For more of 2011's wildest marketing ideas, click through the gallery above.
· Curbed Awards 2011 [Curbed National]