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Rent, Don't Buy: The Most Impressive Rentals of 2011

On the whole, 2011 hasn't been a good year for the renter. With lenders seizing up and more and more would be homeowners forced into the market, landlords have had the upper hand this year. That shouldn't be taken to mean that there aren't some utterly amazing rentals to be had, they just tend to require a whole lot of cash, especially when one's renting from a billionaire. This massive mansion in Beverly Hills sold to hedge fund manager Jeff Greene for $35M in '07, the third largest residential transaction in L.A. history. Now, Greene is renting—or at least attempting to rent—the 50,000-square-foot compound for $195K per month, or more than $2.3M per year. Click through the gallery above for more of our favorite rentals on the market this year.
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