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Fun With Games: Match the GOP Hopeful to His/Her House!

Today the New York Times Home & Garden section publishes a lengthy piece on the personal residences of the seven GOP hopefuls, culling interviews and thoughts from folks like House Beautiful editor in chief Newell Turner and interior designer Thad Hayes. (For a quick refresher, Curbed ran a similar piece in June.) From the photo slivers above, and some brief descriptions below, can you match each property to its owner (Michele Bachmann, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Rick Perry, Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum)? C'mon, let's play!
1) Owned by the candidate who's worth $200M, here's a stone-and-wood estate on Lake Winnipesaukee.
2) This home came with a brochure that "reads like a synonym finder for nouveau suburban glory, touting the home’s arched stone entry, hand-scraped walnut plank flooring, and a fully paneled library with see-through fireplace."
3) The Times calls this the most traditional of the lot, "a yellow center-hall 1970s colonial with a gabled dormer and a portico that could easily be recreated using blocks from a nursery school."
4) Interior designer Thad Hayes has this to say about this property: “It feels like it’s coming from a more authentic place.” And: “It says family.”
5) Here's a Federal-style townhouse was once home to the contestants on the seventh season of Top Chef.
6) This 5,200-square-foot "mansionette" has a master bathroom "sheathed" in mirrors. "His house sits so awkwardly on its site,” says Turner.
7) Some features of this home: "a marble-countered kitchen that would be at home in any one of the Real Housewives shows, a wood-paneled study, a marble bathroom, and balconies overlooking the well-kept lawn."

· The Houses of the Hopeful [NYT]
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Answers: 1/D (Mitt Romney); 2/F (Michele Bachmann); 3/E (Rick Santorum); 4/B (Ron Paul); 5/A (Jon Huntsman); 6/G (Newt Gingrich); 7/C (Rick Perry)