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December: Norman Foster; Holly Golightly; Gosling; More!

Because you can't move forward without looking back, here now is The Year That Was, wherein Curbed briefly and by no means exhaustively recaps important things that happened in the realms of real estate, interior design and decor, architecture, and shelter media. Month by month, here it goes: sayonara, 2011!

· Announced: America's first Hello Kitty house, which is currently underway in the Hamptons.
· Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's love nest hits the market.
· Architect Norman Forst buys President Obama's Martha's Vineyard getaway.
· For charity, Tory Burch offers to redecorate a room in your house to resemble a Tory Burch store.

· Architectural Digest releases an updated version of the AD100.
· First feature film about Frank Lloyd Wright is announced and underway.
· Woman trades in Diana Ross' former house for a minivan.
· Rapper Ice Cube tours the Eames House and drops some high praise for it.
· Vogue puts a $110K chair in its gift guide.
· A Rotterdam-based architecture firm unveils plans for a Seoul tower that looks questionably familiar.
· Holly Golighty's Breakfast at Tiffany's house hits the market in NYC.
· Brad Pitt sells off his Malibu manse to Ellen and Portia.
· The NYC pad of George and Ira Gershwin hits the market.
· Landlord defends her "White Only" pool sign.
· The Novogratz releases their family holiday card; pays tribute to The Brady Bunch.
· Ryan Gosling and architecture collide in new Tumblr.
· Rumors swirl that Lady Gaga is looking at some Amish Country real estate.
· The New York Times publishes an epic profile of the homes of this year's GOP hopefuls.