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November: Garrison Keillor; Rihanna; Brooke Astor; More!

Because you can't move forward without looking back, here now is The Year That Was, wherein Curbed briefly and by no means exhaustively recaps important things that happened in the realms of real estate, interior design and decor, architecture, and shelter media. Month by month, here it goes: sayonara, 2011!

· Radio star Garrison Keillor lists his Wisconsin retreat.
· Jennifer Aniston buys a place in NYC.
· Rihanna lists her sexy, leaky bachelorette pad in Beverly Hills.
· J.Crew honcho Jenna Lyons lists her spectacular Park Slope townhouse.

· Most of the contents of Michael Jackson's final house to hit the auction block.
· Conan stages a "Fight to the Death Building Battle" on late-night TV.
· Michael Moore widely slammed for having a really big house.
· Brooke Astor's country estate finally sells.
· New York design editor Wendy Goodman opens the doors to her home for the very first time.
· An NYC penthouse hits the market for $88M.
· Conspiracy theorists delight in the fact that Hitler's final house may have been a Patagonian retreat.
· Couple insists on taking their engagement pics at the real-life house from Up.
· Crazy Finns challenge the world to stop designing chairs.
· Renderings of the world's tallest prefab tower unveiled in Brooklyn.
· Oprah's swank Chicago apartment hits the rental market for $15K/month.
· As does Lady Gaga's first apartment in NYC.
· Woman turns the High Line into a sushi-themed Thanksgiving centerpiece.
· Cottages & Gardens announces plans to expand coverage into NYC.
· Chris Brown buys a new bachelor pad in L.A.
· Lady Gaga creates room out of hair for Barneys New York.
· Frank Lloyd Wright's only adobe commission hits the market.
· Someone creates the Twitter handle @IAMAHouse1 to market a property on the market in Tucson, Ariz.
· Former nuclear missile silo hits the market in the form of a house.