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A Decade After Enron's Fall, Kenneth Lay's Home Still Listed

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Here now, the 12,800-square-foot Houston, Texas, home of the late Enron bigwig Kenneth Lay, which hit the market in 2009 for $12.8M and is now asking a lowly $6.99M. Listed by Lay's widow, Linda, the full-floor condo was designed in the '90s by Houston architect Leslie Barry Davidson and has four bedrooms, lots of corner balconies from which to soak up the 360-degree views of the city, and, according to the brokerbabble, "10 privately owned underground parking spaces in premier locations." According to an unaffiliated Realtor interviewed by the Houston Business Journal, the reason the property hasn't sold has nothing to do with its famous former resident but rather its (still) astronomical price tag—and that's without the $10,100-a-month-plus maintenance fee.

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