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Exact Replica of the House From Up Sells For $400K

It's a (pre) Christmas miracle! A couple actively seeking "a house with an 'Up' feel" has found their dream home: ye olde real-life replica of the house from the Pixar movie that was recently built in Herriman, Utah. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, Clinton and Lynette Hamblin—not the couple who insisted on taking their engagement pics here but nonetheless "self-described Pixar and Disney fanatics"—fell in love with the property at first sight, and in particular were drawn to detail such as the powder-blue kitchen. They're paying the $400K ask and have plans to close (and move from their current home in California) early next month. And while they may change around some of the furnishings, "[most of] their own furniture and Lynette’s glass works [...] are Disney-inspired and include a large number of 'Up' pieces." Amazing.

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