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Watch an Insane Light Show Transform Living Room Decor

The brilliant and quite obviously insane Dutch lighting firm Mr. Beam has figured out how to redecorate on the cheap: install two complimentary video projectors and let them go to town on some white furniture. Unlike Jannelli & Volpi's light-controlled wallpaper—which was created last year by design collective Carnovsky—this apparatus is high-tech enough to differentiate between the furnishings and the wallpaper, not to mention among the furnishings themselves. Which means that it's possible to create a faux bois effect on the walls or switch around the sofa "upholstery." Look closely at the photo above, for example, you'll see that the room is in the process of transitioning between one decor scheme and the next. Watch the video in full below.
The Video:

Living Room from Mr.Beam on Vimeo.

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