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Chinese National Park Turns Up the Crazy to Attract Visitors

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Photos: Tianmenshan

The Tianmenshan National Park in the Hunan Province of China was founded in 1992 and was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The state connections haven't kept the park's management from running the place like a wacky amusement park. According to Architizer, the attractions added to the park include a 4,000-foot cable car, a 165-foot man-made waterfall, a magic show backed by David Copperfield, and this, a glass observation platform that hugs a cliff some 4,700 feet above the ground. The Skywalk is built from 2.5-inch thick glass with steel supports and, in order to keep the glass surface clean, visitors must wear slip covers over their feet.
· “Gateway to Heaven?” An All-Glass Observation Deck in the Clouds [Architizer]