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Watch a Promo For an Actual 16.4-Square-Foot Apartment

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This summer, Chinese University of Hong Kong student Joe Yiu created a satirical promo video that allowed him to comment on Hong Kong's inflated luxury-property market and "reflect on how estate agents and property developers dictate the style of an ideal living space." Enter, then, the 16.4-square-foot apartment—called a "cubicle unit"—of a run-down building in the Sham Shui Po area of the city. Yiu, dressed in real estate agent finery, leads the six-minute video tour; since the place is so tiny and there's really not much to talk about, the first two minutes focus on the setting—shopping areas, restaurants, access to public transit, and the fact that the people in the building dress "in formalwear, a mark of their prominent status." Once inside: "The floor is covered in Western-style wood like flooring, which is elegant and durable." And: "The room is square and tiny, and easy to fit in furniture." Something to remember: the video's a satire but the actual apartment—and many others in the building with the exact same floorplan—exists, renting for $12.80 a night. (Somewhere out there, the 90-square-foot apartment and even the 78-square-foot apartment are cowering in fear.) Below, watch.

The Video:

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