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Of Course Vogue Puts a $110K Chair in its Gift Guide

Vogue has just dropped its "Perfectly Extravagant Holiday Gift Guide," basically a primer on what gifts to buy in your very lavish, very opulent, very drowning-in-money dreams. Tucked between the $8/bottle Bulgari Pellegrino and the $2,160 Lalique bracelet is this, a limited-edition gilt bronze Riemann chair that's listed as "price upon request" but in actuality costs $110K, according to Craig Van Den Brulle, the NYC shop where the chair is sold. No? Too much? Gotta think about it? There's always the more low-key option of Christofle chopsticks, which are going for $105 a pair and will soon threaten wooden Asian-takeout chopsticks everywhere. Happy gifting!

· The Perfectly Extravagant Holiday Gift Guide [Vogue via Jezebel]