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Adventure Author Zane Grey's Getaway-Turned-Hotel For Sale

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The prolific adventure author Zane Grey, best known for his 1912 work Riders of the Purple Sage, maintained this low-slung pueblo as a vacation home on Southern California's Catalina Island until his death in 1939. Built in 1926, the house directly overlooks the famous Catalina Island Casino and the pier, where Grey must have departed on his many fishing trips. More than 100 films were made based on his work, including one shot on Catalina Island that employed some 14 bison. The bison were released after the filming and today their descendants number more than 150. The stucco hacienda itself has been converted into the Zane Grey Pueblo Hotel, but the structure is currently up for sale as a private residence with the astounding asking price of $11.8M. Even for a place with 18 bedrooms that's a lot, especially considering the land area measures just 0.57 acres.
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